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Quack Qoffee

Inspired by ducks and their clamorous voices, Quack Qoffee was a duck-based custom coffee shop, brewed with organic duck coffee beans.

As the only drink-oriented shop, Quack Qoffee was a good alternative as a result of numerous fried duck restaurants in Indonesia such as Bebek Tepi Sawah and "The Dirty Duck" Bebek Bengil. He created prototypes, high fidelity designs, ideas, and full-stack development in this project.

A modern coffee shop innovation type with great consistency

We made the Q word accidentally after powered by the duck nature. Qoffee word seems peculiar for some users, but fortunately, it has the same pronunciation as coffee. Along with the worldwide coffee lovers including us, we made a Quack Qoffee landing page website where coffee enthusiasts could access conveniently.

How ducks are essential in this project.

Quack Qoffee serves you a pleasant online shopping experience from choosing coffee beans, online order, and customize user orders through any relevant questions available in the shop. We also launched Quack Family, a new membership exclusively in the project. We believe ducks are very important in our daily lifes.

Duo coffee enthusiasts who create a positive impact to the coffee generation

When designing and developing Quack Qoffee, we created our own brand using Adobe Illustrator and prototyping through Adobe Xperience Design. This was our first framework-based project with code architecture best practice implementation.

Aside from the whole project, we provide a smart pocket guide!