Qofi was his other project related to Quack Qoffee due to similar backgrounds. In this project, he designed user interfaces, prototypes, and developed front-end mobile programming using the classic Java language. This was his first mobile project.

Coffee was now a common drink in the world. People love it, they helped them to stay focus in their daily lives.

Inspired through the duck world, Qofi was a new innovation of knowledge for people who wanted to get in touch with coffee. So, we created a coffee dictionary and news provider. Qofi was suitable for coffee enthusiasts, and newcomers.

Including several coffee topics to learn

Socrates said that the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. Knowledge was very essential for our future, that's why we had several coffee topics to learn where you could gain knowledge free through our project.

Why coffee again? But some of them didn't love it!

To help us figure out an optimal solution, we provide a dictionary for all audiences who wanted to know more or curious about coffee.

    So we provide:

  • Sign up/login to save favorites
  • Daily coffee news and trivias
  • Set up content preferences
  • Browse up to 30+ coffee topics
  • Profile customization

Prequel of Quack Qoffee tragedy

This was a really interesting and cool project to work on because it was our first mobile programming project and getting serious in creating prototype interfaces yet implemented it into a full-stack programming language.

    story of our team:

  • Absolutely love ducks
  • Often do remote work in coffee shops
  • Strong commitment
  • Trying new tools
  • Generating unique ideas
  • 日本が大好き!

Developing through mobile programming was harder than web programming. Web programming basically consists of writing semantic HTML, creating layouts, constructing syntaxes. But unfortunately, not this one. So how we could made this project successful?

His teammate, Bryan actually set several databases using PostgreSQL and it caused a big failure. So, we decided to ran a design sprint cycle where problems were solved as soon as possible by using SQLite in this project and it went well.

Reset password explanation screen
One of the coffee topic descriptions named Coffee Art to use the app

A part of Quack Qoffee, stays in our heart

Created by duo coffee enthusiasts again in this project almost 24/7 after the incident. We gave it all in this project at various cafès that provide different types of coffee to increase our productivity and creativity in generating ideas, contents, and final implementation.