Lunaro was taken from Luna word that came from a moon queen named Artemis which communicates quiescently to the entire product and involved lights. He designed the entire product and helped components and code assembling in the team.

Started from the bottom, now we're here

Through the curiousity nature, Lunaro was made to prevent electricity wastage. People nowadays tend to turned on their lights manually so we made a better solution.


Truly made from scratch into a successful implementation

How to use Lunaro?

Using Lunaro is simple. You'll be given 2 cars and person as a part of the simulator system. Just move them from the starting point to the ending point. Our assembled lights will detect automatically from a certain distance through the object you moved.

Users could request a demo, just plug and enjoy! Bringing it all together by three members.

    A few insightful tips:

  • Rely on jumper cables
  • Ultrasonic sensor is the core
  • Arduino R3 Uno is your starter kit
  • Contact us to request a demo
  • Great teamwork management

Enthusiastic development and assembling process

Our development took 4 months to complete the whole product. Started by sketching, scale model design, developing, and creating contents in Lunaro were some remarkable experiences.