Fishcookicks was established on 1 May 2017 due to his friend's interest in Indonesian oceanography. Consignments and resellers were common in social media. As one of the unique sneaker shop names located in Australia, Fishcookicks became one of the trending sneaker online shops in Brisbane In this project, he contributed logo, character design and creating digital content. This was my first design-related project to develop my soft skills.

Australian cross culture business

Fishcookicks were founded by an initial named EP. EP was the founder of Fishcookicks and took the whole responsibility in social media marketing, selling, and invoicing. Until now, Fishcookicks has approximately reached 3000 followers and sent almost thousands of transactions over Australia.

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Sneakers, the new term of rubber soled shoes commonly used for sports or casual began to be trending around the world. Millenials in Indonesia were starting to wear sneakers everywhere.

Sneaker showcase card in greyscale
Fishcookicks logo process making draft
First story announcement design in Instagram
Thank you for buying card design after successful payment

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